Product Care


Our vegetable tanned leather is carefully selected from British suppliers. We only use high quality leather which has variations in grain, colour and texture and will naturally crease and develop its own unique patina over time.
If your leather gets a mark on it, use a damp cloth or sponge (be careful its not too wet) to gently wipe away. Let your product air dry in a warm room.
The oils in your dogs coat should keep your collar soft and supple but if you find your leather getting stiff or dry then you can prolong the life of your leather by rubbing in a wax leather conditioner. Note that the nude leather is not dyed and rubbing a wax may darken it slightly. All of our products are rubbed with a wax conditioner that also improves water resistance. Keeping your products away from water immersion and chemicals will help to prolong their life.



We use solid brass hardware on our collars and leads, sourced from the UK wherever possible. Over time the brass may loose its shine and darken in colour, so you can use a good brass polish and cloth to buff the brass back to life. We recommend Brasso used regularly to keep any residue from building up on the leather.


Clothing and beds

All of our jumpers, coats and beds are made from different materials, all sourced from British suppliers. Each product has different care instructions which can be found on their labels and on the product's page.
You can spot clean products with damp cloths when necessary. Weekly vacuuming of beds will help to keep them looking fresh. It is always best to wash our products on a cold setting but please refer to the labels for specific information. It is not advised to wash the inner cushion.